Jay Z's Roc Nation Signs Steven Spielberg's Children

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Jay Z didn't earn the top spot (with wife Beyonce) of Vanity Fair's Power Players List or the second spot on the 2013 World's 20 Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Artists list for nothing.

The mogul's Roc Nation entertainment company just signed indie-folk duo Wardell. Wardell is comprised of Theo and Sasha, a brother and sister who have something in common with Blue Ivy - famous parents. Theo and Sasha call Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw "mom and dad."

Like many music industry executives, Jay Z took notice of the duo when they performed with HAIM (also on the Roc Nation label) and Vampire Weekend at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Texas in March.

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Theo, 25, plays guitar, drums, and piano, while sister Sasha, 23, brings the vocals. The Roc Nation website describes the duo perfectly, "Sasha and Theo are brother and sister. That familiarity and fondness informs the music that they make together, which is at once warm and summery, comfortable and chill as a result of their Los Angeles upbringing. It's the kind of music you'd expect from two people who grew up sharing a wall, infused with that particular intimacy that comes with a life spent knowing each other. And while they draw from a wide range of influences , they have managed to create a sound that is wholly their own."

Earlier this year, the duo was interviewed by Teen Vogue, enlightening fans on what musicians inspired them to pursue music (Christina Aguilera's Stripped and Janis Joplin's Pearl for Sasha, and The Strokes' Is This It for Theo) and which musicians they would like to collaborate with (Sasha's choice is Miguel, while Theo's choice is Dave Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors).

Sasha also shared in the interview what it was like working with her brother. "It's pretty rad. The amount of inside jokes between us has skyrocketed, and we finally learned how to pronounce each other's names," said Sasha.

Wardell recently released The Brother/Sister EP and you can listen to their single "Opossum" in the video below.

[Image via YouTube.]

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