Jay-Z And Beyonce Happy Or Just Acting?

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Jay-Z and Beyonce look like they will be just fine. The pair, who have endured speculation on their marriage since May, seemed very lovey on their Los Angeles stopover during their On the Run tour.

The two shared an impressive kiss on stage after performing Young Forever. They wrapped it up with dual shout-outs. Beyonce said, "Last but not least, give it up for Mr. Carter," Then Jay-Z added: "No. Last but not least, give it up for Mrs. Carter."

Jay-Z and Beyonce tag-teamed each other to sing their seperate hits, coming together to sing their duets with a backdrop that seemed like a trailer for a new Bonnie and Clyde movie. The footage showed the two of them robbing banks, making getaways, and frolicking in cheap hotels with the words "This is not real" flashing across the scenes.

It also showed footage of Jay-Z and Beyonce at their wedding, vacations, and playing with daughter Blue Ivy as the words "This is real" flashed on screen.

Such touching sentiment for a couple whose marriage has been completely picked apart since Jay-Z's now infamous brawl with Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, in an elevator in New York.

The rumor was flying around that Jay-Z was getting a little too cozy with Rachel Roy and several others, including Maya.

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange later released a statment saying that they had moved on "as a united family", but the damage had already been done to their image.

The show featured intimate shots of Jay-Z and Beyonce with their daughter, Blue Ivy. The images were probably adorable, but many have said that the couple has been using the sweet girl as desperate proof that they are still okay in order to keep ticket sales steady.

However, Jay-Z was reportedly seeking marriage counseling for the two of them from Gwyneth Paltrow's counselor. If that counselor had a hand in "recoupling" Gwyneth and Chris Martin, then perhaps that counselor could have helped Jay-Z and Beyonce get back on the right path.

Here's hoping Jay-Z and Beyonce have worked through their issues and will continue as the ultimate musical power couple.

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