Jay Leno Surprises Arsenio Hall On His Show

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It's been all about Jimmy Fallon the past couple of weeks, that's for sure, because ever since he took over the Tonight Show for Jay Leno the buzz surrounding the ex-Saturday Night Live member has been huge.

But what about Leno, what has he been doing since making his Tonight Show exit? Hardly anybody knows, because he's done a good job of staying out of the limelight, except for this past Wednesday when he showed up on The Arsenio Hall Show to reveal some very important news.

While Hall was in the middle of his monologue, Leno--dressed in jeans and a blazer--pulled a white envelope from his pocket, opened it and read the news: The Arsenio Hall Show has been picked up for a second season, which made everyone clap and cheer in complete happiness, as it seemed nobody on the show knew if they were coming back or not, not even Arsenio.

"How are you so juiced into everything?" Hall asked Leno. "How come I don't get my news first?"

Afterward, the two talk show hosts joked around a bit and talked about how long they've known each other. "We've known each other, what 35 years?" asked Leno. "Yup, you've been a big brother to me," Hall answered. "You've given me too much advice sometimes."

But Hall and Leno haven't always been the best of friends. In the 90s, when Hall's original show took off, the competition between him and Leno was at an all time high, and the two talked a little smack to each other through the press. However, for the most part, their rivalry was friendly and Hall has been on the Tonight Show as a guest many times.

And for Hall's show, it wasn't a definite it would be renewed because some had questions whether the 58-year old could still hold the attention of young and hip audiences like he used to. Apparently, he still can and it'll be interesting to see how he improves the show next season.

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