Jared Leto Rekindles Lupita Nyong'o Dating Rumors

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Even though Jared Leto just received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor last night, and gave an amazing speech that he's getting a lot of press for today, it's his speech at the Independent Spirit Awards that's still getting tons of attention.

After receiving the award, Leto thanked a strange list of people, including a certain hockey legend for some reason. "In case this is the last time I get to thank anyone, I wrote down a couple names," he said jokingly. And he began to thank folks like Wayne Gretzsky, Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix.

Then he thanked all the women he's loved before, which of course was very Willie Nelson of him and it was hilarious. "I want to thank all the women I've been with and all the women who think they've been with me," said Leto.

But the comment that received most of the attention is what Leto said at the close of his speech: I also want to thank "my future ex-wife Lupita," he stated, which of course sent the gossip mill spinning once again, since rumors of Leto and Nyong'o being a couple have been spreading around like the measles since the beginning of award's season.

However, Nyong’o shot down those rumors when she visited Ellen DeGeneres a while back, and she said the two weren't really a couple, just friends. "Ah, but I thought Miley Cyrus broke us up," she joked. "That was the last thing I heard."

Nyong’o also said before being famous she used to believe all the crazy things she read about celebrities, but now she see's that many of those stories aren't true.

"It's crazy, cause when I read these rumors, they're so detailed that even I start to question whether they're true or not," she said. "I know I've believed them in the past and now I guess I can't believe anything."

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