Janice Dickinson: Rape Claim Refuted By Cosby's Reps Due To Book

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Janice Dickinson opened up recently about the alleged abuse that took place at the hands of Bill Cosby in 1982, but the comedian's reps are disputing her claim of rape, saying she is contradicting herself.

The model told both Entertainment Tonight and CNN that she was flown to Lake Tahoe on Cosby's dime after she left rehab that year, and that he offered her a job on the hugely successful Cosby Show. While she was there, the two of them had dinner, and he gave her a glass of wine and a pill which he said would alleviate her menstrual cramps. Later, she says, she blacked out.

"I remember...waking up and that he, there was a lot of pain downstairs. There was semen all over me and my pajama bottoms were off and the top was opened. At that point – fight-or-flight – I just packed up and I got the hell out of there," Dickinson said. "Because of his demeanor and the promise of a career, I trusted him."

Cosby's lawyer Martin Singer says that Dickinson has spoken about her relationship with Cosby in the past--including in her book, No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel--and said then that he wanted to sleep with her but she refused him.

"There is a glaring contradiction between what she is claiming now for the first time and what she wrote in her own book and what she told the media back in 2002. Ms. Dickinson did an interview with the New York Observer in September 2002 entitled "Interview with a Vamp" completely contradicting her new story about Mr. Cosby. That interview a dozen years ago said 'she didn’t want to go to bed with him and he blew her off,'" Singer said.

However, Dickinson says that Cosby's reps pressured her into remaining quiet, and that she never talked about it--or confronted him about it--out of the fear that she would be ostracized and humiliated.

"Stuffing feelings of rape and my unresolved issues with this incident has drove me into a life of trying to hurt myself because I didn't have counsel and I was afraid. I was afraid of being labeled a whore or a slut and trying to sleep my way to the top of a career that never took place," she said.

Cosby has not commented publicly on the allegations.

Amanda Crum
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