Jana Duggar, Tim Tebow 'Never Even Met'

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"Tim and Jana Duggar have never even met."

With that statement, a rep for Tim Tebow shot the latest rumor about the baby-making Duggar clan out of the water.

Star had “reported” that Jim Bob Duggar, patriarch to the ultra-conservative Duggar clan from 19 Kids and Counting, was angling to hitch his daughter Jana up with Evangelical Christianity’s Most Eligible Bachelor, former football star Tim Tebow.

“Jim Bob is no dummy,” an insider told Star. “Tim would be a perfect addition to the family and a feather in his cap. Can you imagine the press attention a Tim-Jana wedding would get?”

Apparently the whole rumor got started when the Duggar parents met Tim’s mom Pam Tebow at a fundraiser back in November. They posted a pic of them together on Facebook.

There were many comments on the picture about pairing Tim and Jana:

"Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar, good match."

"So, I'm thinking you should introduce Jana to Tim."

"Can you just imagine if they were to get married? That wedding would be one the biggest weddings ever! That would be like royalty...."

"I've always thought that they have a secret something going on between them two, just in my mind I guess, but really, that would be so awesome!!"

"Omg!!! I flipped when I saw this pic!! I have been saying Jana And Tim for years!!! Please make it happen!!"

Apparently this kind of enthusiasm was just begging for a story to fan the flames. But alas, Tim Tebow’s rep had to pipe up and ruin the moment.

Then again, he didn’t really say No.

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