Jan Brewer: Arizona Gov. To Make Decision On Anti-Gay Bill

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To veto or not to veto? That is the question for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is facing a big decision on a controversial issue.

The Arizona Legislature has recently passed a bill that would allow business owners to turn away service to lesbian and gay customers, as long as they hold deep religious beliefs to do so. If passed, the law would give a person, church, or business reason to defend themselves against discrimination claims. There is strong opposition against the bill becoming the law of the land.

The bill has caused a major uproar with senators and the business community. The latest to voice an opinion regarding the issue is Mitt Romney, who is urging Brewer to veto. Senator John McCain has also tweeted his hope for a veto.

There have been assumptions that the governor will most likely veto the bill, but there isn’t a sure sign that she will.

CNN’s Dana Bash had an exclusive interview with Brewer on Monday, addressing the different factors that she has to consider before making a decision. The governor said that she always makes it a point to listen to both sides before making a crucial decision. She also says that she is pro-business and appreciates arguments from both sides.

According to political consultant Doug Cole, Brewer is no beginner when it comes to these types of deals. She always gives both the pro and opposing side their due, and she will be getting a detailed briefing from her legal team.

The anti-gay bill was brought to Brewer’s desk last week. She is given five days to decide whether to veto it or sign in. In the event she decides to do nothing about it, the bill will become law anyway. She will be making a decision when she comes back from Washington where she has been focused on meetings with the National Governors Association.

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