Jamie Oliver And Zynga Team Up For Charity


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Jamie Oliver is a world-renowned chef and host of the now canceled Food Revolution, but he's also head of a good cause - the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. It's purpose is to teach children the benefits of eating healthy foods. Now Oliver is teaming up with Zynga to bring that message to more people than ever.

Zynga announced that Jamie Oliver will be joining the case of chefs in ChefVille for a limited time. For the next two weeks, Oliver will lead players "on a series of quests focused on fresh ingredients, gardening and cooking up nutritious, satisfying food."

During the next two weeks, Zynga will also be offering a ChefVille charity pack that includes unique items that will only be available during this period. All the proceeds from the sales will go straight to Oliver's Food Foundation and other charities working to provide healthy food to children around the world.

Zynga is hurting, and it would do the company good to bring in sales of limited edition items. It's a swell move on the company's part to donate all of the proceeds to charity instead of pocketing even just a little bit to fill its coffers.