Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Battle Days After Wedding

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler revealed earlier this week that she has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for 15 years.

After a battle with Lyme Disease at 19, Jamie-Lynn Sigler discovered tingling and numbness in her limbs.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler said of her diagnosis announcement, "I wasn't ready until now. You'd think that after all these years, somebody would be settled with something like this, but it's still hard to accept."

However, Jamie-Lynn Sigler has been controlling the disease with medication, which has reportedly kept it stable for the last seven years.

Despite her private struggle, Jamie-Lynn Sigler isn't letting her MS get in the way of her dream life.

On Saturday, Jamie-Lynn Sigler married her fiance, Cutter Dykstra, in a sweet "homemade" ceremony which included their two-year-old son, Beau, and their dog, Bean.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler said of her wedding ceremony, "We put so much heart and love into it. We wanted laid-back, not fancy, because that's who we are as a couple."

She continued, "It feels like we're married already because we have a child and we're already a family, but so many different life things have happened over the four years of us being together that have delayed this."

Hi. My name is Jamie, and I have Multiple Scelrosis. This has been a part of me, that for many reasons I was terrified to share for the last 15 years since I was diagnosed..but I've finally found the strength to come forward and be ok with who I really am and trust that life will still have things to offer even though I have this disease. It has slowed me down and it can make things hard, but there is still a lot I CAN do. I hope I can be an example to anyone struggling out there to push through and past your circumstances. I want to thank @peoplemag for sharing my story in such a huge way and allowing me to reach out. Your publication always handles stories so beautifully, and mine is no exception. And an even bigger thank you to my husband, my son, my family and my friends (who are my family.)..You all have fiercely protected me over the years when I was too scared to share this publicly, for fear that everything would go away. You stood by me, helped me when I needed it, and always made me feel loved and worthy of things even when I felt less than and different. I really am a lucky girl and I can't wait to see what life has in store for me now that I can finally live my truth Love to all of you. Jamie : by the wonderful @andrewsoutham

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She added, "My brother [Adam] passed away last year and you would think that would delay it even further, but it was the one thing he would ask all the time like, 'When are you guys getting married?'"

Jamie-Lynn Sigler's wedding day went smoothly and she reportedly was not a Bridezilla, however there was almost one serious hiccup.

A guest at Jamie-Lynn Sigler's wedding revealed the near-mishap, saying, “While getting ready the photographer had asked to hang the dress outside the balcony for a photo op — we came seconds away from losing the Oscar de la Renta gown, as the dog had lifted the leg ready to urinate on it.”

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