Jamie Lee Curtis: 'Scream Queens' Is An Homage to the 'Halloween' Actress, Says Creator Ryan Murphy

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Jamie Lee Curtis is the reason for the screams coming to Fox this fall.

For the younger generations, Jamie Lee Curtis thrilled a generation battling psycopath Michael Myers in the Halloween movie franchise.

Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy said during a joint panel for American Horror Story and Scream Queens at Comic-Con on Sunday that the upcoming series starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Skyler Samuels, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourde is a result of his love of Jamie Lee Curtis horror movies.

Curtis joined fellow the panel with Murphy, who said if it wasn't for Jamie Lee's agreement to appear in the series, he would have pulled the plug.

"When we were writing the pilot of this, I asked to meet Jamie Lee, who I had loved forever," Murphy said. When they met he told her, "Look if you don’t do this show we’re not going to do it. And I meant it." Murphy said, because the series is an homage to her. And considering the title of the series, we believe it.

When asked whether Jamie Lee new Scream Queens character, Dean Cathy Munsch, would be anything like her character in Halloween, Laurie Strode characteristics, Murphy and Curtis replied in the affirmative.

"If you’re going to hire Jamie Lee Curtis, you want to see her kicking ass and fighting back" Murphy said.

Murphy declined to name the killer in the series, something even the cast doesn't know, but it did hint that the killer appears in the pilot and it's pretty obvious who the killer is.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's Lea Michele. Who's with me?

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