Jamie Lee Curtis Recreates Mom Janet Leigh's Famous 'Psycho' Shower Scene For 'Scream Queens'

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Jamie Lee Curtis paid homage to her mother in an unusual way.

The 56-year-old Halloween actress recreated Janet Leigh's famous shower scene from the movie Psycho for her new Ryan Murphy comedy, Scream Queens.

As reported by People magazine, Curtis plays Wallace University's scheming Dean Cathy Munsch in the Fox slasher comedy.

The shower scene from the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film left a generation of women terrified to take a shower.

Curtis' scene was filmed in black-and-white and mimics the scene to a tee; although, instead of being stabbed by Norman Bates masquerading as his dead mom, it's the Red Devil lurking behind the dean's curtain on Scream Queens.

Curtis spilled the beans about the homage to Entertainment Tonight back in September.

"Ryan Murphy and co. wrote it into a special episode and it felt right! Honoring the Royal legend that is/was/will always be, Janet Leigh. Thought all fans of the genre would love it!"

Jamie Lee Curtis recently told People that she has little in common with her famous parents, Leigh and Tony Curtis. While the famous couple enjoyed being in the spotlight, Jamie Lee says being in the limelight is the real horror in her world.

"Given what their backgrounds were and how their rise to fame was so meteoric, that sort of thing was important to them," she said. "When I'm out in the world, I don't walk around like my father used to. He'd walk into a restaurant and preen and pose and say, 'Hello, you fine people. I'm Tony.' ... That's not me."

Check out the original Psycho scene with Janet Leigh to compare with Jamie Lee Curtis' homage. If you dare.

Scream Queens airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

Pam Wright