James Roday Talks About the End of "Psych"


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USA's psychic detetctive comedy Psych ended its eight-season run on Wednesday.

Psych features fake-psychic Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his long-suffering bestfriend Burton "Gus" Guster (Dulé Hill) solving crimes with the Santa Barbara police. Shawn solves crimes using the observation and problem-solving skills his retired police sergeant father (Corbin Bernson) taught him. He pretends these are "psychic powers" and opens up a psychic detective agency. Gus grudgingly goes along with Shawn's schemes but secretly often enjoys the adventure.

Roday discussed the finale with Entertainment Weekly.

The series finale features several special guest appearances, many stemming from running bits on the show. Deon Richmond, who played Bud on The Cosby Show, shows up as Gus' boss. The show repeatedly jokes that Gus played Bud, so getting Richmond on the season finale was a fun little Easter egg for fans.

Billy Zane, who is referenced several times on the show, features as the final episode's villain. Roday said "to have him as the final villain ever on Psych felt really, really right."

Another often-referenced actor in the show, Val Kilmer appears as Detective Dobson. Roday said the show was especially grateful to have Kilmer, who was "our first choice, and as you learn in television, sometimes you don’t even get your 10th choice". It was a stroke of luck. Hill and a friend were having brunch and discussing how often Kilmer is mentioned on the show. The friend knew Kilmer and had Hill call him then and there. Kilmer agreed, but actually getting him on the show required "chased him through assistants and through his agent to the point where I think it was just easier for him to do it".

The final episode also features other tantalizing plot points. Shawn and his father hug. Shawn even asks for his help on a case. Shawn admits to Detective Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) via video that he is, indeed, a fake. Lassiter, despite his fervent, bitter dislike for Spencer, refuses watch his confession. Shawn moves to San Francisco. Gus moves, too, leaving Santa Barbara to continue going on adventures with Shawn. Also in San Francisco is Detective Juliet O'Hara (Maggie Lawson). This leads to the final spoiler. The inevitable spoiler fans knew had to come sometime.

Shawn proposes to Juliet, and she agrees.

Then, in true Psych style, they jump in a car to go chase a jewelry thief.

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