James Earl Jones Coming Back to Voice Darth Vader

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The word is out! James Earl Jones is coming back to be the voice of Darth Vader. Of all the tidbits of news that could sneak off the set of Star Wars VII, this is a Star Wars fan's dream come true.

Except it’s not about Star Wars VII.

It turns out that ABC is doing a rebroadcast of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion. The made-for-TV movie will have an extra scene added, featuring Darth Vader, and voiced by James Earl Jones.

“We wanted to do something special for the ABC broadcast,” Executive Producer Dave Filoni told IGN . “We’ve added a scene which gives audiences insight into the Inquisitor and includes a cameo by Darth Vader voiced by the distinguished actor James Earl Jones.”

Jones is something of a voice legend. In addition to delivering such classic Vader gems as, “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” and “No. I am your father,” Jones also voiced Mufasa, the father to Simba in Disney’s The Lion King.

He also has voiced several other animated characters, narrated movies, and had a legendary career on stage and screen out from behind the microphone.

But Jones story is also one of overcoming challenges. As a child, he developed a debilitating stutter.

“Stuttering is painful,” he said in an interview. “In Sunday school, I’d try to read my lessons and the children behind me were falling on the floor with laughter.”

Even in school, Jones got little help.

“There was another pupil who sat behind me who was also a stutterer and the teacher, who was young, would shake him.”

Jones received help to overcome his stutter, and Star Wars fans are grateful. They will be able to catch Jones voicing Vader again on October 26.

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