James Bond Casting Rumors: Moriarty? Monica Bellucci? Number Two?

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The world should find out tomorrow who is cast in the new Bond film, and what the title of that will be.

What we do know is that Daniel Craig will be Bond, Ralph Fiennes will be M, Naomie Harris is Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw is Q.

But there have also been a lot of eleventh-hour rumoring about what might be coming.

One of the most fun rumors lately is that Christoph Waltz, known for his knockout roles in Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained, will be playing the villain. And it is further rumored that the villain will be the classic Bond baddie, Blofeld.

Blofeld’s full name is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, and he is the head of SPECTRE, the bad guy organization that Bond fights against. In previous Bond films, he has been played by Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray and Max von Sydow. The Blofeld character has been spoofed many times, most famously by Mike Myers who fashioned his “Dr. Evil” character in the Austin Powers movies after Blofeld.

Accompanying Waltz, according to rumor, would be Dave Bautista, fresh from his acclaimed turn on Guardians of the Galaxy. Bautista is said to be a Blofeld “henchman.” Whether he ends up being a simple heavyweight, a la “Oddjob,” or a second-in-command character remains to be seen. The character name is rumored to be “Hinx.”

But another potential villain name has been floated. This one is actor Andrew Scott, who played Moriarty opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC’s Sherlock series. He is said to also be a villain. Perhaps he gets the second-in-command to Waltz’s “Blofeld”? That would make him Emilio (or Maximillian) Largo, whose eyepatch and “Number 2” assignation was also spoofed in the Austin Powers universe by Robert Wagner.

Then there are the women. Monica Bellucci, well-known as Persephone in the second and third Matrix sequels and as Mary Magdelene in Passion of the Christ, is said to be in the mix. But actress Léa Seydoux is also rumored.

In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see who makes the cut. But there sure is a good batch to work with if the rumors hold.

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