Jada Pinkett Smith Likes Watching Will Smith With Other Women?

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Jada Pinkett Smith and her hubby, Will Smith, have been married for over 20 years, which in Hollywood is just unheard of.

Jada Pinkett Smith said last year that the secret to a lasting marriage was being really close.

She said, “Your partner has to be your best, best, friend. And he's my best friend.”

She added, “You have to have kind of a warrior mentality. You have to be a solider for love. You have to be able to withstand tough times and just because the tough times come doesn't mean it's time to stop… it means it's time to dig in.”

It would take a lot of work to keep "things" fresh after all those years, but apparently, Jada Pinkett Smith has a weird way of doing just that.

The Gotham actress told Extra that she actually kind of liked watching Will Smith's steamy scenes with Margot Robbie in his new movie, Focus.

Jada Pinkett Smith, when asked about what it was like for her, stuttered, “After 20 years… I actually, you know…”

Then Will jumped in, saying, “She a little freaky like that.”

Jada Pinkett Smith continued, “Unfortunately, he’s right. It’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way. That’s a whole other conversation.”

A whole other conversation, indeed! As weird as it may sound, perhaps Jada Pinkett Smith is on to something. The two have been married for an extraordinarily long time in Hollywood.

Will Smith doesn't seem as excited to see Jada Pinkett Smith in the same light.

He joked about all the men Jada Pinkett Smith was around, in their underwear for the most part, for Magic Mike 2, saying, “There’s so many famous people in Magic Mike 2, everywhere I go there's some man there who's been in his drawers with my wife.”

What do you think of Jada Pinkett Smith's admiration of her hubby steaming it up with another woman on screen? Do you think you could handle it, much less enjoy it?

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