Jada Pinkett Smith Embraces New Curves

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When some celebrities gain weight, they try to hide it or work out until they lose it. Others go on fasts or even under the knife to get rid of the extra pounds, but not Jada Pinkett Smith. Smith recently put on 8-10lbs of weight, but is not hiding it under baggy or loose fitting clothing. She is proud of her new curves and is even showing them off.

In fact, she even decided to take a picture to show how her new body looks and how much she is embracing her weight gain. Smith posted the photo on Facebook. It shows the family dressed in black while attending UFC 170 event at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Smith noticed that she was gaining weight when a friend sent her the photo. She said that after seeing the photo, she realized she had put on about 8-10lbs but decided it looked good on her and she would not worry about trying to work it off.

Along with the photo, Smith also posted a message to everyone saying, "Here's to loving our bodies by our own standards:)"

Smith still appears to be pretty petite in spite of her weight gain and is looking better than ever. At the age of 43, she shows no signs of slowing down and recently got the role of a villain named Fish Mooney in the upcoming “Batman” prequel “Gotham” that will air on Fox.

What do you think of Jada Pinkett Smith's new curvy look? Do you think she will keep the weight on and do you think she will fit into her Oscars dress?

Image via Jada Smith, Facebook

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