Jacqueline Laurita Back on RHONJ For Season 7: Did Anyone REALLY Miss Her?

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After seasons of speculation it appears that Jacqueline Laurita will indeed be back for the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

What could be bringing Laurita back on television?

Allegedly she's hoping for an on-camera showdown with Dina Manzo, her estranged sister-in-law.

Manzo herself returned not too long ago.

Despite being back on the Bravo series, it doesn't seem like Dina has been able to bring anywhere near as much ratings-raising drama as the other New Jersey housewives (or their husbands).

We've had a major fraud scandal courtesy of Teresa and Joe Giudice and an incestuous rumor that plagued Teresa Aprea.

Dina's big storyline seemed to be that she was divorcing and having a hard time dating again.

While some viewers can sympathize, this kind of situation isn't nearly as interesting as wondering if the Giudices would be headed to prison.

Could Jacqueline Laurita be used to spice up Dina Manzo's role on the show?

An attempt may be made, but there doesn't seem to be much of a need for an on-camera feud between Jacqueline and Dina. And if Laurita vs. Manzo is what Bravo's answer is to the departure of Teresa Giudice, the show might be in trouble.

Which begs the question of exactly who is eagerly anticipating the return of Jacqueline Laurita?"

....Aside from Jacqueline Laurita herself, that is?

The only way that such news could be truly interesting is if she's bringing the always unpredictable Danielle Staub with her.

And if not Danielle, why not move to make Victoria Gotti a permanent fixture on the show?

After all, it was Gotti herself that dropped a major bombshell during a guest appearance. Her claim that Teresa Aprea's mother had an affair with her husband Rino scandalized quite a few viewers.

If Jacqueline Laurita can't bring that level of drama and interest to the show, the attempt to bring her back may have been wasted.
Are you excited to see Jacqueline Laurita back? Do you think Jacqueline Laurita is back to set things straight or because she needed the exposure? Comment below!

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