Jacoby Jones Injury: Receiver suffers sprained knee when teammate plows into him


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(image)Baltimore Ravens speedy receiver Jacoby Jones had just signaled for a fair catch, and was ready to field a punt. Out of nowhere Brynden Trawick plowed into him, the problem with this being the two both play for the Ravens. You can check out the video for yourself here.

It's being reported that Jones suffered a sprained right knee. One doctor on Twitter points out that a "sprained knee" is fairly general and can be something quite serious:

Jones, as you may remember, delivered the game-changing touchdown late in the Ravens playoff win at Denver last season, which sent them to the Super Bowl. In hindsight, It's sad, as Jones opened the game with a nice rhythm, having 3 catches heading early into the second quarter.

(Images via Balimore Ravens site and Yahoo)