Jaclyn Smith Weeps Over Farrah Fawcett's Death

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Jaclyn Smith was spotted weeping outside a courthouse in Los Angeles on Monday, over the passing of her dear friend and Charlie's Angels costar Farrah Fawcett. Smith was in court supporting Ryan O'Neal, who was there to defend his right to own a Warhol painting of Farrah. Fawcett died back in 2009, but Smith was clearly overcome with emotion, missing her friend and still mourning her death more than four years later.

Smith told the New York Post she was emotional over “seeing Redmond, and I miss Farrah.” Redmond O'Neal is Farrah Fawcett's son with ex-husband Ryan O'Neal. Even though the two never remarried one another, they were very much in love when she died, and he cared for Farrah Fawcett during her darkest days.

The University of Texas is challenging Ryan O'Neal over an Andy Warhol painting of Farrah Fawcett, saying all the artwork that belonged to Fawcett now belongs to the university. She did leave her art to the University of Texas--having studied there before she was discovered. O'Neal, however, claims Warhol gave this one piece of art to him, and therefore he has the right to keep it.

In addition to the painting, the university wants Ryan O'Neal to hand over a tablecloth that Warhol doodled on as well.

The jury is presently out in this case and the verdict about whether Ryan O'Neal gets to keep the Andy Warhol painting of Farrah Fawcett rests in the hands of some who aren't even old enough to recall either the artist or the actress.

Jaclyn Smith wants the painting to stay with Ryan O'Neal. Her tears explain the depth of her love for her late friend and the family she left behind.

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