Jackie Chan To Slow Down On The Stunt Work


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Jackie Chan is not as young as he used to be. Now that he's 60, his body is finally letting him know that he needs to slow down.

“The next morning, you realize wow, it hurts!” he told the Assoicated Press, “Now my body tells me to slow down 30 percent and probably in another two years, 20 more, then 50 percent. So slowly, slowly, then I will tell the whole world, stop doing action.”

The actor has given the world his last effort to dazzle his audience with stunt work in his latest big action movie Chinese Zodiac. All others after it, like his upcoming movie Dragon Blade with John Cusack and Adrien Brody, will involve much less acrobatics. Dragon Blade tones down the pace with some classic swordplay.

But if you want to see Jackie Chan going all out one last time, then Chinese Zodiac is the movie for you. In Jackie Chan's own words, "that’s not special effects, that’s not Iron Man, not Spider-Man, that’s the real Jackie Chan”.

Even though his body is telling him to stop, Hollywood is telling him to keep on going. “I’ve wanted to retire for a long, long time!" Chan told the Observer, "but people keep offering me good scripts – although not for romance films – and I think of myself as lucky to be working. So for the next five years I am busy.”

"I want to slow down," Chan told Den of Geek in an interview, "but the projects keep coming. And there are some projects I really like, like somebody mentioned China Man, and Civilian. Sooner or later you’ll hear the news. Those are two scripts that I really liked. They’re for me - they really wrote something for me. They’re different from Rush Hour."

He went on to say he doesn't want a part in The Expendables franchise if he's going to be on for five minutes in a cameo.

Image via Wikimedia Commons