Jackie Chan Makes a Royal Blunder and Tackles Illegal Wildlife Trade

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Many people know Jackie Chan for his comedic role in Rush Hour. Even more people know him for his martial arts skills, but few are aware of Chan’s active role in preserving wildlife.

Chan, as a spokesman for the wildlife charity Wildaid, is passionate about animal rights. So passionate that he refuses to eat food that uses endangered animals in its ingredients. Chan recalled that ten years ago, while in China, the government brought him soup containing shark fin. He told them to “put it away.”

Last week Chan attended a conference on behalf of Wildaid. At a reception following the Illegal Wildlife Trade conference in London, he made a slight blunder by mixing up Prince Harry and Prince William. Chan congratulated Prince William on his recent trek to the South Pole. Chan told The Times newspaper that William responded by saying, “No, that was my brother.” Chan quickly countered by saying, “I'm sorry.' But they look almost same, huh?" The two men shared a laugh, shook hands, and then continued on their way.

William and Harry attended the event to support their father, Prince Charles, who gave a speech at the event. In his speech he urged actions be taken to stop illegal trade of animal products, because of its threat to wildlife, and to the people that protect it.

While in London, Chan also spoke to a reporter at CNN about why he’s so passionate about animal rights. He disclosed a memory of using animal products for healing remedies when he got hurt. However, he later discovered there were no real healing powers to these products. It was all a myth.

Chan now speaks against people who sell these products illegally. He tells people to stop buying them because Chan feels it destroys the earth. He even appears in a documentary called Tools of the Trade, which highlights the illegal trade of wildlife products.

Chan told the CNN reporter that by destroying animals, we’re destroying ourselves.

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