Ja Rule Returns to Acting After Time in Prison


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Artist, Ja Rule has decided to get back into the acting business. The rapper spent nearly two years in jail for illegal gun possession recently landed a role in a new movie. Apparently the movie's screenwriter, Galley Molina felt for Ja Rule and empathized with his poor decisions.

But were does Molina's sympathy come from? Molina, a 44-year-old pastor was once locked up for five years due to drug trafficking.

"I know his heart. I know what type of dude he is and he was probably one of the most professional guys on the set," said Molina.

In the movie, Ja Rule stars as one of the biggest drug trafficker in California who struggles to leave his terrible lifestyle behind after falling in love with a good, church-going girl. The woman is played by Adrienne Bailon of the Cheetah Girls.

The new film, "I'm in Love With a Church Girl" will debut on Oct. 18. The movie is set to show in more than 500 theaters in the U.S.

Check out a trailer for the film here.

Photo Credit: YouTube