J.R. Ewing Funeral: "Dallas" Gives Proper Sendoff

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J.R. Ewing has been an iconic television character since the '80s, brought to life by actor Larry Hagman on what some called a "nighttime soap opera". With the return of the show "Dallas" to the small screen this year came a slew of new, young fans and some who remembered J.R. from their childhoods.

Unfortunately, the character will be written off the show in the upcoming second season due to Hagman's death over Thanksgiving weekend this year after a battle with cancer. Producers say they aren't sure yet how or when it will happen, but they have announced they will indeed give Ewing a proper funeral.

J.R. was the talk of the country back in the show's heyday after an episode aired in which he was shot by a mystery assailant, leading to the infamous "Who shot J.R.?" campaign to draw in viewers. It worked, with millions of viewers tuning in when the show returned in the fall to ease their curiosity. Producers have said that this time around, they worked hard to figure out a way to honor the character--and Hagman--without seemingly cashing in on his death.

Hagman will appear in five episodes which were filmed before his death, so the writers have some time to come up with the perfect way to send his character off.

Amanda Crum
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