It's Megyn Kelly, Not Megan Kelly; Woman Bombarded With Emails Sent To Her In Error

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A young professional who lives in Pittsburgh has been receiving emails that were supposedly directed towards Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Megan Kelly, not “Megyn Kelly” was puzzled at first. She has been receiving emails requesting for autographs from the Fox reporter. Some emails commend the news anchor for her great work and others were filled with exclamation points as if screaming. The emails were mostly about the topics Megyn covered and people’s opinion about her.

Megan, who has a career in the field of marketing, says she receives one to two emails in a week. However, the emails started to come in more frequently ever since the Megyn-Trump feud.

Some email senders criticized Fox’s Megyn for "attacking" the GOP’s Trump. One sender by the name of Gregg said in his letter, "You use 'other people call Donald Trump a…,' so you can sit there and attack trump! Shame megyn!!"

Twenty-four-year-old Megan has now become somewhat used to receiving these messages after she tried and failed several times to figure out how the emails landed in her inbox.

"It's really weird," Megan said. "It's not consistent. But every time I get one, I'm like, 'Yes!'"

This only proves how Trump’s feud with Kelly helped the ratings of Fox News. According to the report of Mediaite, Megyn’s Kelly File beat Bill O’ Reilly’s The O” Reilly Factor  in the 25-54 demographic--a  41 percent increase in her ratings in that category.  But The O” Reilly Factor is still number one when it comes to viewership.

On August 6, Fox hosted the GOP presidential debate and Megyn acted as the moderator. The debate garnered a total of 24 million viewers, beating other cable channels in that time slot. CNN ranked second while MSNBC came in third in viewership.

Megyn Kelly’s show’s ratings and her popularity continue to climb, enough to make people send emails asking for her autograph.

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