Isla Fisher Expecting Baby #3 With Sacha Baron Cohen

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Isla Fisher and husband Sacha Baron Cohen are expecting their third child together.

The Great Gatsby star and her husband, of Borat fame, are already parents to Elula, who is four, and Olive, who will be seven this month.

Isla Fisher, 38, and Sacha Baron Cohen, 42, were married in Paris in 2010 and have enjoyed being parents to their two girls.

"I took three years off," Fisher said of life as a mom. "It's not like you're taking a break and looking on IMDbPro to see your StarMeter falling. You're doing the most important, incredible thing."

"When you come back in, the perspective has changed. I truly believe you can't have it all and you shouldn't want to."

She added, "In [the kids’ book] Pinkalicious the mum goes, 'You get what you get and you don’t get upset.' It’s written for toddlers, but I just love that expression. It’s kind of my catchphrase when it comes to the business."

Everyone should live by that motto.

She said of motherhood in 2013, "It's a myth that you can have it all. You can't. But, more importantly, I don't think you should want to. It sounds exhausting!"

When she started working again after becoming a mother, it didn't all come up roses. She found it difficult to wear two hats and be effective at both.

"I'm just dipping my toe back into work now. It's a juggling act and I'm not particularly good at it; the balls are in the air. But my priority is always my family. Motherhood boils everything down to the essentials."

Time will tell how even that will change when juggling work with three kids!

Congratulations to Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen on their latest collaboration!

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