Irvington Shooting: Victims Named, Reward Offered

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At 12:30 AM on Christmas morning, persons who were both armed and intoxicated were escorted from Slick's Go Go's in Irvington, NJ. Without warning, someone pulled out a gun and began shooting. In the aftermath of the violence, three men were pronounced dead at University Hospital in Newark at 1:00 AM and two more were admitted due to being caught in the crossfire.

It is a senseless tragedy that has produced far more questions than answers. Local law enforcement believe there's a possibility that at least two or more people are responsible for the shooting, which is thought to have erupted after the armed suspects were denied entry to the club. This matches statements made about the shooting by the bar owner, who added that the reason they were not allowed inside was because "they were clearly drunk." Chief Anthony Ambrose of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office stated that in addition to being intoxicated, the men were clearly armed, leading the bouncer to ask them to step away from the business before the suspect or suspects opened fire.

The three men who were killed early yesterday have since been identified. Pierre Clervoyant Jr., 34, was the son of the Slick's Go Go bar owner, Pierre, Sr. and the second victim was a bouncer, Woodley Daniel, 32. The third victim was identified a short while later, Mushir Cureton, 27, of Newark.

As the victims and their families await answers, they try and comfort each other and remember those lost over the holiday season.

“Everyone knew Pierre because of his smile,” says Clervoyant's wife, Candice. “He was always smiling.”

When he wasn't helping to manage his father's bar, Clervoyant also worked for the city of Elizabeth in the office of the aging. He was dedicated to programs which helped the senior citizens of the community.

Exact details surrounding the Irvington shooting remain sketchy. Witnesses described a gray sedan leaving the scene. In an attempt to get more information, police have offered a $10,000 reward for tips that would help in the investigation and lead to capturing whoever is responsible.

Image via Pierre Clervoyant's Facebook

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