Ireland Baldwin Posts Funny Text Convo With Dad About Dating Olivia Wilde's Ex

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Ireland Baldwin has officially debunked the rumor that she is dating Olivia Wilde's 39-year-old ex-husband, filmmaker Tao Ruspoli.

In a move made by many a young star, Ireland Baldwin accomplished this feat via Instagram.

19-year-old Ireland Baldwin was technically spotted "getting cozy" with Ruspoli.

However, the pics that started the rumors appear to just show the two trying to look at something on his cell phone.

Which, of course, requires two people to get close in order to both see what's on a screen that spans a few inches.

You used to call me on my donut...

A photo posted by Ireland Basinger-Baldwin (@bootsiedonjuan) on

Ireland Baldwin posted a text conversation between her and her famous dad, Alec Baldwin, to put the rumors to rest.

That particular post also highlighted how far Ireland Baldwin's relationship with her father has come since the infamous "thoughtless pig" voicemail when she was only 11.

In fact, back in July, Ireland Baldwin posted a pic to Instagram of her and her dad reading a children's book called If I Were A Pig, clearly poking fun at the past incident.

If I Were A Pig... I would be Rude and Thoughtless of course!

A photo posted by Ireland Basinger-Baldwin (@bootsiedonjuan) on

What do you think about Ireland Baldwin's Instagram pic debunking her "new romance"?

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