Iran Blocks Access To London 2012 Olympics Site


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In a move that is not that rare or at all unheard of, the theocratic government in charge of the Republic of Iran has blocked access to the official site for the 2012 Olympics in London, England for all of it's citizens.

"The blocking process in Iran is not related to a single specific organisation," Nima Akbarpour, the presenter of the BBC's Click Farsi programme said. "It happens every day - even affecting pro-government sites and blogs. The Iranian government's Internet Filtering Committee is in charge of the process, but individual judges can also order a web filter to be imposed."

Until recently, Iran had stated that due to the logo for the Olympics apparently spelling 'Zion,'(a Hebrew word used to refer to Israel or Jerusalem) they were not going to participate. In February 2011 the Iranian authorities called for the logo to be withdrawn and the designers "confronted". However, a follow-up letter later made clear its athletes would still "participate and play gloriously".

In the wake of all that has been going on with Iran and their nuclear program, the country has started to further crack down on the internet and how it's citizens communicate with social media sites such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has discussed plans to create a "clean web" within Iran with its own search engine and messaging service.