iPhone Users Love Their Video Games

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While the idea that mobile device users love downloading video games applications for their phones/tablets is not surprising, the fact that Apple now offers a legitimate gaming platform is. Almost since the platform gained recognition, the drawback of Apple computers was the inability to play computer games. Sure, a few games were ported over to the Mac environment, but by and large, if you wanted to play video games on a computer device, you picked a Windows box. However, now that we are in the middle of the mobile device revolution, the balance has changed, at least in regard to the aforementioned phones and tablets.

According to the latest research from Nielsen, video games are the most popular apps for mobile devices. Furthermore, iOS users are the most frequent video game downloaders, which should go a long way towards eliminating the following meme:

PC versus Mac

Nielsen's report also reveals that, while most mobile device users spend almost eight hours a month playing video games apps, iPhone owners play for 14.7 hours a month. Android users clock in at almost 10 hours a month, making the iPhone the most popular device for those who want video games on their phones. Furthermore, video game apps are the most popular in terms of use with 64 percent of mobile device owners using these programs. Games are followed by weather and social media apps, which come in at 60 percent and 56 percent, respectively.

There is, of course, a chart of Nielsen's findings. More than one, to be exact. The most popular used apps chart reveals a great deal about mobile device usage:

Mobile Apps Usage

It's clear that people view their phones and tablets and entertainment conduits, evolving them away from simple communication tools. Another chart reveals which applications mobile device users are more apt to pay for. Video games win again in this category, followed by applications for entertainment and productivity, which only bolsters the "devices are for entertainment purposes first and foremost" meme even further.

There's also a chart that reveals how much time each platform spends playing video games, furthering the idea that Apple has finally made a video game-friendly device:

Platforms for device gaming

Over at the iPhone apps page, Apple populates a list of their most popular video game apps, and while there's a noticeable lack of "Angry Birds" on their top 10 list, it's clear downloading video games for iDevices is part and parcel of owning one. So, is now the time to consider Apple an actual gaming-friendly platform, or will the iPhone and Mac environments be separate in the minds of those who follow such details?

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