iPhone 5 Rumor: $800? Not Likely, But Twitter's Riled Up

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With rumors swirling about that Apple's next iPhone (iPhone 5? New iPhone?) will be unveiled on September 12th, the next logical step (other the specs speculation) is to worry about the price. And if you happened to log on to Twitter this morning, you may have seen that many people are talking about an $800 iPhone 5.

Now, that kind of price point would be almost suicidal for Apple, and it's highly unlikely that their new device would launch will such a astronomical price tag - but that hasn't stopped the Twitterverse from losing their collective minds about the possibility.

The hashtag #800DollarsForAniPhone has been trending all morning, as has the phrase "iPhone 5 $800."

Here are some of the tweets from concerned Apple fans:

According to IBTimes, the possible source of the $800 iPhone 5 rumor is a screenshot of an alleged price point on a Chinese website, put out there by gamenguide. Not exactly conclusive proof, but as you know, there doesn't need to be a lot of substance for a rumor to spread on Twitter. Just ask all of those celebrities that Twitter has killed off over the years.

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