iPad Mini 3: Rumors Abound For October 16th. But Is It Obsolete?


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With the October 16th Apple media event right around the corner, everyone is trying guess what Apple will announce before they announce it. One of the hot topic items is the iPad Mini 3.

Although the iPad Mini 3 is expected to be unveiled at the event, Tech Radar published a rumor that it won't be available until next year.

Unfortunately, Apple has kept such a tight lid on the event, it's difficult to say what will be unveiled without resorting to speculation. The Motley Fool published an editorial which anticipated little to no "genuine game-changing new features up its sleeve this go-round". They anticipate that the new features will be limited to the gold color variant option, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the A8 chip, with no changes to overall form.

The gold iPad rumor has been floating around a lot. It has been suggested the color change might be an attempt to boost sales. There has been a lot of speculation on how it will look:

Gold color aside, analysts are already wondering if the new iPhone 6 makes the iPad Mini obsolete. Mashable's Christina Warren suggested the Mini may go the way of the iPod touch, rendered obsolete by a new iPhone release. "From a usage perspective, there isn't a huge difference between the experience of using and iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad mini. Sure, the mini has a bigger screen and more landscape features, but the iPhone 6 Plus has the type of real estate and app support to feel like the ultimate pocketable tablet," she wrote, "Moreover, because the iPhone 6 Plus can also make phone calls, it really does fit the bill for the type of user who wants a pocketable tablet but doesn't want to carry two devices."

Those unable to attend the event in person will have to wait and see when Apple streams the event live on October 16th.