iPad 3 To Ship In March (Rumor)


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Japanese Mac Blog MacOkatara has reported that Chinese manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron are beginning production of the iPad 3. According to MacOkatara’s sources, Foxconn will take 85% of the iPad 3 production, and Pegatron will take the remaining 15%. These proportions match the manufacturing of the iPad 2.

Apparently the early start to the iPad 3’s production is made possible by the unusually early Chinese New Year this year. The New Year’s festival is a major Chinese holiday, and usually impacts production.

A few details about the iPad itself have surfaced in the last few days. Reporting from CES, iLounge has said that the iPad 3 is externally nearly the same as the iPad 2, except with a larger camera (presumably to match that of the iPhone 4S), and an extra millimeter or so of thickness (presumably to accommodate a retina display). If Apple is planning a March launch for the iPad, as seems likely, then look for more (and more reliable) details to start popping up in the coming weeks.

[Source: MacOkatara]