Internet Helps Man Pop The Question

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Len Kendall (@lenkendall), a top 50 community contributor to (@BuzzFeed) used the site and social media to get a "yes" from his now soon-to-be bride, Katie Holland (@Hollandersauce). It all started with a tease from the owner of BuzzFeed who posted, "Something very, very risky is going to happen on BuzzFeed this morning."

Soon after, Len Kendall tweeted, "Katie, I love you so much. Will you marry me?" On a post he published entitled, "Help Me Convince Katie To say 'Yes'." The post also included a cut out image of Kendall that was designed to be inserted into various images. The BuzzFeed editor added a note to explain to readers, "Len is proposing to his longtime girlfriend Katie right here and now. Help him by leaving an image in the comments persuading her to say yes and making Len the happiest man in the whole internet. We'll update this post as soon as she responds. OMG!!!!"

The readers took it from there and quickly filled the comments of Kendall's post with their edited images of his cutout photo and tweeted their comments using #SayYesKatie hashtag. After a long day with no response from the object of Kendall's affection, everyone got the good word from Katie. With the help of some 80 plus participants, Len and Katie made their engagement official and brightened a number of people's days in addition to their own. After all is said and done, the Internet can still be fun and even useful in bringing people together.


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