International Happiness Day Is Today

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Are you feeling happy today? If not you should be because today is International Happiness Day. That's right, there is a day dedicated entirely to being happy and it just so happens today is also the first day of spring too.

International Happiness Day was created by the United Nations and is a day to promote positivity and spreading joy to others. They say smiles are contagious and according to scientists, happiness is as well.

“Science shows that happiness grows when you share it, right?” said Joseph Panetta of Live Happy Magazine. ”So it’s not like money or fame: The more of it you give away, the more happy you become. And as opposed to random acts of kindness, what we’re suggesting is to do them with intention.”

Who can resist a day of happiness? People all over the world are joining in to simply pass on a smile, do a good deed or just be cheerful and upbeat. Even Coca-Cola is participating by releasing a new song called the Happiness Remix. The song is meant to make everyone who hears it feel happy.

International Happiness Day comes right on time. The bad weather has left many people feeling depressed, frustrated and bored. With feelings like this, it can be hard to be happy. The UN is hoping that people will take advantage of International Happiness Day and enjoy it not only for themselves but for those around them.

So turn your frown upside down and instead of moping around the house or office today, find something to be happy about and share a smile with a friend, neighbor or stranger. Being happy is much more fun than being sad!

How do you plan to share the happiness today?

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