Infographic: Our Future, According to Movies

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We're big fans of infographics at WebProNews, even when they deviate for the tech industry. Take this latest one, for instance. Using the popularity of movies to power it, the infographic gives us an idea of what the future holds for earth's population, provided the movies get it right.

The graphic was provided by Michael Hobson of Tremulant Design (via SlashFilm), and while the design isn't as flashy as, say, Google's spam war infographic, the details are worth the price of admission. Plus, the humorous approach is always appreciated.

Because, at full size, the graphic extends to the 7500 pixels tall neighborhood, embedding it into this article would be an exercise in futility. If you'd like to see it full size, you can do so here. Here's a smaller sized version, just so you can get an idea of just how large this thing is:

Future According to Movies
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As you can see, this thing is huge. That being said, it's an entertaining look at what the future could have in store for us. Here a few that stood out:


Doesn't telekinesis always do that? Things don't get much better two years later, either:


Although, 2033 seems interesting:


There's always room for talking animals in my future.

The graphic continues on like this, making use of plotlines from movies like Total Recall (the year 2084), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2065), Alien (2122), Vanilla Sky (2151), The Matrix Trilogy (2199), all the way up to the year 3,001,998 with Red Dwarf. Perhaps my favorite potential future, if, again, the movies get it right, comes courtesy of Jason X:


If you don't succeed at killing your prey, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, and try again, I always say. Based on the information the graphic presents, what future would you like to be apart of? How about the one that has humans eating an intergalactic spice that allows space travel, and a society that permits fat people to use hover technology or the one where humans have to travel back in time to kidnap pregnant women, due to infertility issues?

Then there's the WALL-E future that see us having to abandon Earth because we polluted it so badly. All in all, this future according to the movies infographic is pretty depressing because it suggests very Dystopian and bleak. Let's just hope, in this case, that fiction is stranger than fact.