Infographic Divides Users of the Internet Like High School Cliques


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The following infographic from Flowtown categorizes users of the internet into seven different personas.

The graphic warns its viewers to avoid engaging politicos and lurkers but the two have different agendas. The politico is obsessed with reposting headlines and copy and pasting political speeches while the lurker enjoys monitoring the Facebook posts and Skype chats of others. Lurkers eventually get sick of living in the shadows and attempt to provoke responses from the people he or she has been observing.

Even more annoying are the fact finders and meme machines that regurgitate information to entertain themselves as they float along in their solitude.


Two internet faces that should be added to this infographic are the winking wankers -- these are individuals who are always trying to hook up by offering swanky hotel dates, back rubs, and the best sex in the galaxy. The other face would be that of the reminiscer. You know the type; they are the ones who are always posting pictures of themselves from when they were in 5-12th grade and are creating groups like "Remember the Time When Eastman High Had a Mercury Spill" or "Prom of 1999 Was Epic." These are people who live in the past and are addicted to reposting their old school buddy's wedding photos despite the fact that they were not invited.

What personality describes you the best?