Infant Used As Shield By Robbery Suspect

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When police responded to a report of a burglary in Estacada, Oregon over the weekend, they quickly spotted the suspect and went in pursuit. But Raleigh Reynolds managed to elude them and jumped the fence between his home and his sister's, hiding out in her home as police surrounded him. What happened next is a story that has gone viral and put Reynolds in the books with the likes of the most cowardly criminals.

Officials say Reynolds tried to escape from his sister's home several times as police swarmed into the yard, but was unsuccessful. Eventually, he decided to grab his seven-month old son and hold him as a human shield before coming out. A tense standoff ensued, as it was believed Reynolds was armed and the officers didn't want to make any sudden moves.

Reynolds was eventually subdued by police and the child was immediately put in the care of family members, who were nearby. He was unharmed. Reynolds was booked on a burglary charge, obstructing governmental administration, endangering welfare of a minor and resisting arrest.

This isn't the first time Reynolds has proven himself to be a dumb criminal; in February he was arrested on felony drug charges after pocket-dialing 911 during a drug deal.

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