Infant: Superglue On Brain Saved Life

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An infant girl is alive and doing well after doctors had to think quickly in order to save her using superglue.

3-week old Ashlyn Julian of Kansas was born with no complications, but she soon had a brain aneurysm that threatened her life. Because the condition is so rare among babies, the doctors had no tools small enough to perform a repair and stop the bleeding. Instead, they inserted a tiny catheter into her hip and maneuvered it through her body until they could pump in the sterile surgical glue. The whole procedure took only 45 minutes, but doctors say now Ashlyn is doing just fine and isn't expected to have any more issues. The amazing thing is that it was the first time anything like that has been attempted on an infant.

“It’s literally the same compound as the superglue you’d find in the store,” Dr. Koji Ebersole said.

As for Ashlyn, she's recovering nicely. Doctors say she'll need to return to the hospital to have blood drained from the areas of the brain that the aneurysm affected, however.

"I think she's going to have a perfectly normal life," Ebersole said.

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