Indiana Man Arrested On Charges Of Fowl Play

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Have you ever seen a guineafowl? They're like an ugly chicken so it's hard to see how a member of its own species would find them attractive, let alone a human male. Unfortunately, one man has proven that love is blind, and apparently lacking in taste and morality.

The Post-Tribune reports that Michael Bessigano, 42, of New Chicago was arrested after it was found that he had his way with a guineafowl. To make matters worse, Bessigano killed the poor creature and tried to hid the body in a trash barrel. He was arrested at his home where police found bestiality porn, a "large rubber wolf head mask," and an altar surrounded by candles.

It's reported that Bessigano has a history of bestiality related crime with his last arrest being in 2001. At that time, he was caught in a hotel room with a chicken. Based on this prior crime, we can only assume that he has a thing for ugly birds.

Beyond the bestiality issue, I think I'm more concerned about the wolf head mask and the altar. That just screams sacrificial ritual. I don't even want to think about it.

[Image: Sun-Times Media]

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