Indian TV Shows Are Taking Over YouTube


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Polish your dance shoes and put on your fighting mitts, YouTubers, because the online video site announced today that its updated the Shows page so as to include over 19,000 episodes of various Indian television shows. That may sound like a staggering, even unbelievable number but when you consider the fact that shows like Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah have over 800 episodes (beat that, Law & Order), those start to stack up and before you know it - pow - you're sitting atop a stack of 19,000 episodes of Indian television just waiting to be watched.

The shows cross six different languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujati, and Punjabi - can be found in the Shows tab. Simply click that tab, then open the drop down menu to and then select Other Languages. The first option you'll see is Hindi, you can follow and explore the whole world of Hindi television. It may seem like a lot at first, so here's a primer to get you going with a couple of shows. First, here's the first episode of Bade Acche Laggte Hai. It's the story of two strangers getting married who surprise themselves by also falling for each other. Charming, yeah?

Here's a show in Telugu, Seethamma Maayamma, that follows a woman named Seetha who seeks to create a treatise between two feuding villages. It so happens that the villages are feuding because Seetha's mother is from one village and her father is from another, which, as you can imagine, complicates things a bit.

Last, here comes a show in Gujarati called Avtaran, which is described as: "A couple tries to save the marriage at all costs. They have a son Hardik. Not able to reconcile their differences they separate. Years later Hardik is stricken with a mysterious ailment. The only cure for this is for the couple to come together again and create a new life a child. A new life that could save an older one. Will this avtaar come to earth. Can Hardik be saved. See this electrifying drama." If you want a low-level committment, Avatran only has 12 episodes so you can warm up on that one and then decide if you're ambitious enough for the towering collection of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah episodes.

Of course, you can watch shows in other languages, like English since I presume you're actually reading these words and not just scribbling with a marker on the screen of your tablet or computer.