Inactive Twitter Usernames Scheduled For Recycling

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If you're not happy with your Twitter username - or if you are, but don't love Twitter and haven't logged in for a while - listen up.  The usernames attached to inactive accounts may soon be made available for the taking.

Twitter LogoIn fact, the release of idle usernames is almost sure to occur.  The cutoff regarding inactivity has probably been set, too - Martin Bryant found a policy referring to the automatic removal of accounts after six months.

The most important detail - when the big release will take place - is just a little fuzzy.  Bryant wrote, "We reached out to Twitter for comment . . . and a spokesperson for the company told me that the company plans to release all inactive usernames and deleted usernames in the future but doesn't have a date set yet."

So make preparations for the event as best you can, whether that means signing into a few accounts you've let collect dust or setting up a sophisticated email alert system for when a username becomes free.

Something of a land rush is practically guaranteed to occur, and insofar as that'll represent (and generate) more interest in Twitter, the company's decision to make this move is looking pretty smart.

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