In-N-Out Discrimination Suit Alleges Unfair Hiring Practices

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In-N-Out Burger, a longtime fast-food staple on the West coast, is being accused of discrimination when it comes to their hiring practices, and they're fighting back.

When two African-American men, both aged over 40, applied for jobs at the restaurant recently, they were both turned down despite being qualified. Now, they have filed a suit against the chain for discrimination on the basis of race and age. Out of thousands of employees, the men claim very few are either black or over the age of 40. They are seeking a change in hiring policy as well as monetary compensation for individuals who have been unfairly denied employment.

The attorney for the two men, Steve Tidrick, said the suit alleges that In-N-Out Burger has "a pervasive policy of discrimination on the basis of race, color and age" in its hiring practices and seeks to end those practices through injunctive relief. But the restaurant owners don't agree.

Arnie Wensinger, vice president of the company, said, "We hire from our local communities and our restaurants reflect the demographics of that community. The company will aggressively defend itself against these baseless and irresponsible allegations."

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