In-N-Out Cook Reddit AMA Reveals What An In-N-Out Bacon Burger Could Look Like

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A reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") with a cook from an In-N-Out Burger has been getting some attention outside of reddit. The cook of four years talked bacon burgers, and the burger chain's lack of them with curious redditors.

One person asked, "What's the one thing you don't serve that you wish you did?"

The cook, going by the handle dravila9, responded, "Bacon burgers and onion rings. Took bacon in to cook after closing and it really changes everything. I can't truly enjoy the burgers anymore."

Another user asked, "Why do you think there aren't bacon burgers?"

"Too complicated to keep real fresh bacon on hand and ready to cook since we don't use that cheap fake bacon and it's in the mission purpose statement that the menu will never change," dravila9 responded.

Another user suggested that such a mission statement seems pretty restrictive for a company, to which dravila9 said, "Yeah and how we will never sacrifice quality for price. Like we will keep raising prices just to cover the cost instead of making the burgers smaller or not giving lettuce and tomatoes."

dravila9's original AMA post was edited to say, "Tonight after closing we made some bacon burgers with meat and bacon topped animal fries all smothered in Famous Dave's BBQ sauce," and points to this image:


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