Iggy Azalea Just Gave Us A "Clueless" Homage

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Iggy Azalea knows how to make the best of a good pun, something I'm sure Cher Horowitz would appreciate. Her wit, charm, and ability to bring us a catchy hook is on full display in her new video, but that's all second to the amazing attention to detail with a glorious homage to "Clueless", complete with the school the movie was filmed in and outfits that any Betty would appreciate.

The video for "Fancy" also features British star Charli XCX and gives us recreations of some of the most famous scenes in the film, including the infamous freeway debacle and the whole "balls flying at my nose" bit. It's a wonderful throwback to a classic film, and the good news is, the song is pretty great too.

The Australian songstress is set to release her first full-length album--appropriately titled "The New Classic"--next month, and says she hopes the real Cher Horowitz will be pleased with the video.

"We did the highway scene and we shot down the highway. We got a crazy grandma and trucks, and it was a lot of fun. We attempted to arrange a cameo from Silverstone, but wasn’t able to pull it off in time. Hopefully Alicia thinks that I did it justice," she said.

Amanda Crum
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