If You've Seen One 3D Movie, You Really Have Seen Them All

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You know, it's funny 'cause it's true.

Bless creator PatB and Funny or Die for this amazing trailer for "Every 3D Movie." If you've sat through any movie this summer and seen a preview for the next big action movie in 3D, this might resonate. Is it Battleship? The Avengers? Brave? The answer is that it's all of them and it doesn't matter. That's because apparently, there's a set way to edit a trailer for a 3D movie and it involves buildings falling in similar ways, three things flying away from you on the screen, and weird blue lights shooting up into the sky.

To be fair to 3D, I'm sure you could do a supercut of action movies in 2D and many of the shots would be the same. But something about some of those stereotypical 3D shots have the tendency to wind up in anything and everything. I guess that's why they're stereotypes.

Check out the trailer for "Every 3D Movie" below. I'm sure Christopher Nolan would have a laugh at this one:

Josh Wolford
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