If You Can't Hold It, Use The Bucket!

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According to CBS8 in San Diego a local high school art teacher, Gonja Wolf, is facing a lawsuit by a 14-year-old girl. According to the Patrick Henry School district, the teacher is on leave, but is still considered a member of their staff. The claims about what she made the student do are pretty bizarre.

According to the plaintiff, a teacher forbid student from using the bathroom during class time and wanted to make an example of her by forcing her urinate into a bucket rather than being excused to use the facilities. Supposedly the victim peed into the bucket as fellow students looked on. She was then instructed to pour the contents of the bucket into a classroom utility sink.

The suit was filed against the unified school district and Patrick Henry High School. The victim hopes to be compensated for psychological damages and humiliation. Expenses being claimed as a result of the incident total over $40,000. There is no mention of when the case is to appear in court, but school officials are currently investigating the events.

Watch the news report on the incident:

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