If Xbox One Were A Woman, Would The Kinect Still Be Necessary?


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The folks at IF*ckingHateThat understood there are a lot of questions surrounding the Xbox One, and so, they took it upon themselves to try and find some answers. What they came up with presents the issues surrounding Microsoft's next gaming console, if the Xbox One were an attractive woman (very). Would she want to watch TV instead of play? Would the Kinect still be necessary to enjoy her company?

These, of course, are the important issues, and we deserve some answers. Thankfully, IFHT gives us a good idea:

Yeah, that looks about right. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but the Wii, as presented in the video, would certainly be a suitable replacement for the Xbox One's friend zone ways. Hey, at least she got rid of those stalker habits by ditching the DRM, right? Don't forget about her newfound willingness to share with other gamers, either.

With these things in mind, does that make the Xbox One/her worth the extra $100?

[H/t to Dueling Analogs]