Idina Menzel Kills It During Super Bowl Performance

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Idina Menzel absolutely killed it during Sunday's Super Bowl performance. Her live rendition of the national anthem went just as planned.

Unlike her performance of "Let It Go" during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, Idina Menzel brought everything she had.

Katy Perry was the headlining half-time act, but Frozen's real life princess had her own swarms of fans waiting for her to sing.

Several days ago, Idina Menzel assured fans that her performance would be live.

And it was seriously live. After she belted out the last note, Idina Menzel yelled, "Yes!"

That was awesome. You could really see in Idina Menzel's face the sheer joy she had in singing our national anthem!

When asked about it after her performance, Idina Menzel said, "I didn't want to rush. I wanted to take in the moment and connect to the song that I was singing, not get swept away by all the grandiosity and excitement, and connect. And sing from my heart."

At one point, during Idina Menzel's performance, the crowd began booing.

However, it wasn't directed at her. It was because, for just a moment, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick appeared on the screen.

Idina Menzel was asked if that was a distraction, to which she replied, "I knew better. I knew I hit the note well, I wasn't worried it was me."

She added, laughing, "And they warn you."

Also pre-game, John Legend, performed an amazing rendition of "America the Beautiful" that was sure to bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest and most riled up of Super Bowl spectators.

Celebrity fans of the pre-Super Bowl performances of Idina Menzel and John legend were quick to post their accolades on Twitter.

There was no shortage of love for Idina Menzel and John Legend on Sunday!

What did you think of Idina Menzel and John Legend's performances last night?

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