Identity Theft: Tips To Protect Yourself

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Identity theft is a major problem and it can lead to even more problems.

You might think they you are being careful online and when using your credit cards, debit cards and bank information, but you could still be putting yourself at risk in other ways.

If you are wondering how you can avoid the frustration and financial problems associated with identity theft, use these tips to help you.

Avoid Carrying Personal Documents
A lot of people prefer to keep their credit cards, social security cards and driver’s licenses on them at all times for convenience, but it can actually put you at risk for identity theft. If you drop or lose these items, they can be found by thieves who will use them to steal your money and identity. Only carry these things on you when you know you will need them.

Be Careful What You Click
Even the most careful Internet surfer can accidentally click on the wrong link or website and enter their information into a form that was created to steal their identity. Only enter credit card information, social security numbers and other personal information on forms and websites that are processed on a secure server. You can tell if the server is secure by looking for the “https:” before the website address. If there is no “s” than the server may not be secure and your information may be at risk.

Update Your Passwords Regularly
Even if you think your password is a good one, you might be surprised to find out how easily your accounts can be hacked. The best way to protect your accounts that can contain personal information, is to change your passwords often. Try to change them at least once every three months or sooner if you think your account may have been hacked.

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