iCloud Web Portal Getting Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone Upgrades


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You may recall that back in May Apple briefly put up a new beta version of the iCloud website. This beta version hinted at some of the features that would be coming to iCloud with the launch of iOS 6 later this year, including web apps for Notes and Reminders. The iCloud beta page appeared to have been made live by mistake, though, as it disappeared rather quickly.

Now, though, the new iCloud beta site is back, complete with clues about what Apple's planning to do next with iCloud. If you navigate to the website, beta.icloud.com, you'll see a page very similar to the one that was up back in May, just with some shuffled icons (see the lead image above).

Unfortunately, you have to have a developer account to sign into the beta version of the iCloud web portal. I, alas, do not have a developer account. Fortunately, though, the good folks over at iJailbreak do, and they were able to get in and play with some of the new features. This is what the control panel for iCloud Beta looks like when you sign in:

iCloud Beta Control Panel

As you can see, there are quite a few features that aren't there in the public version, most notably Notes and Reminders. For comparison, here's the control panel for the public version of iCloud:

iCloud Control Panel

You may also have noticed in the beta version that the Calendar and Find My iPhone icons have beta tags on them as well. Apparently Apple is working on some updates for those, including a battery percentage indicator in Find My iPhone.

There's no hint as to when these new iCloud features will be rolling out to the rest of us. Mountain Lion is right around the corner, so the likeliest answer is that these updates will go public when it releases, though it's possible they'll be out sooner (or later).